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首頁 - 活動 - 產業組織前沿論壇:劉其宏

報告題目:Firm?Quasi-Dynamics in the Chinese Manufacturing Industries

報 告 人:劉其宏

報告時間: 2021年07月13日(周二)09:00-11:00

報告地點:騰訊會議 ID:604 6680 5719

主辦單位:產業組織與企業組織研究中心 高等經濟研究院


Qihong Liu is a Professor of Economics at University of Oklahoma. He obtained his Ph.D. in Economics from SUNY Stony Brook in 2003. Professor Liu's main research areas are Industrial Organization and Applied Microeconomics with focus on modeling firms' pricing and product strategies. He is a leader in modeling strategic interactions between consumers and firms, facilitated by the availability of consumer information. His research on Competing with Complementors was published in the top journal SMJ in the field of strategic management. He also published articles in journals such as RES, EER, IJIO, JEMS, JIE, and has been cited in various media including Bloomberg, Forbes, and Wall Street Journal, etc. Professor Liu is an Associate Editor of Information Economics and Policy and Notas Economicas (Portugal), and serves on the editorial board of Journal of Media Economics.

撰稿:李寒窗 審核:于左 單位:產業組織與企業組織研究中心 高等經濟研究院

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